Halloween? Meh.

Now that October is upon us and the leaves are changing and the days are getting shorter and all that jazz, I’m reminded that Halloween is right around the corner.  For most people this means planning parties, buying candy, and getting all Pinterest-y with their pumpkins and home decor and whatnot.  My thoughts, on the other hand, consist of: “Oh crap.  I should probably get a costume for my kid.”

You see, I am not a huge fan of Halloween.  I’m not the scrooge of All Hallows’ Eve or anything. I don’t shut off the lights and lock myself at home, I don’t fill candy wrappers with lumps of coal or curse at frolicking costumed children.  I’m just not really into it anymore.

As a kid, we resided in THAT house on the block.  All of the neighborhood children stampeded to enter our wraparound porch: the cobweb-spidery-spooky palooza of Halloween goodness.  We had the requisite spooky music cassette tape blaring from an upstairs window (with an occasional rotation of the fan favorite, “Monster Mash”).  One year, my dad even constructed a homemade wooden coffin that my older brother, dressed like a vampire, would jump out of at unsuspecting guests.  [This was a hit until an unprepared and obviously startled mother fell backward and landed, fortunately safely, in our bushes].

Nowadays, however, I just don’t harbor the same excitement.  Maybe it’s because I’m getting older. Maybe it’s because I start seeing orange and black trinkets in JULY while perusing the grocery store and get annoyed.  Maybe it’s because we live in the country so we don’t get adorable trick-or-treaters and decorating seems more work than what it’s worth.  Regardless, I need to pull my shtuff together and pump out a sweet costume for our deprived daughter.  Granted she is only 22 months and will probably be more intrigued/freaked out/concerned by the wandering creatures around her than her own appearance, but as a mother there is an inevitable societal pressure to make every holiday the cat’s pajamas for your offspring.

Last year she was a pink plaid fuzzy bunny.  Realistic? No.  Warm and adorable? Absolutely

 2012-10-31 17.35.53 2012-10-31 17.37.19 - Version 2

This year, I’m thinking we need to step it up.  No more off-the-rack, junky, last minute ‘Halloween City’ purchases from a sketchy dilapidated strip mall.  Nope.  This year I will do better.  I can’t sew, so any homemade ventures would need to be constructed with Elmers glue or tape or staples.  Because I want her costume to stay on and not look like something a kindergartner (blindfolded, with a broken arm) threw together, I will probably turn to the good old internet for some home shopping inspiration.

Nathan already shot down option #1:


She would obviously be accompanied by our trusty pug as:

pug yoda

He quickly pointed out we’re not total nerds and I barely even like Star Wars (true and true).  But I think he’s missing the fact that it’s hilarious and adorable and its only downfall would be the overwhelming masses of strangers who would want to be our BFF’s after witnessing this awesomeness.

Anyway, we’ll see what mind-blowing ensemble I manage to come up with.  Heck, I might even dress up my pregnant self.  Land whale? Water buffalo?  Or better yet:

preg cost

Stay tuned…


One comment on “Halloween? Meh.

  1. Rebecca says:

    Oh, Erin….I adore your writing – you are descriptive, entertaining, and best of all – I can totally hear your voice when I read your posts! I am thrilled to see you have a blog and will follow you avidly. Not stalkerish-avidly, but I-really-enjoy-you-and-your-thoughts-avidly! 🙂

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