Let’s see how this goes…

Why did I decide to start a blog? Not 100% sure. Probably not a great idea, really. From my blog reading experience it seems I am far underqualified for such an endeavor. I mean, every blog I’ve read has a theme. [Side note: whenever I hear “theme,” I think of Ralphie’s teacher in “A Christmas Story.” See? This is why I shouldn’t be a blogger. I can’t stay on task for one paragraph.] The interweb is filled with beautiful cooking blogs, inspirational health and fitness blogs, websites dedicated to parenting, organizing, decorating, and nerds – err – intelligent citizens who devote their blogs to discussing and demystifying politics, religion, and other admirable topics that I can’t imagine writing.

Initially, the idea entered my scattered brain because of my husband, who will likely come to regret making such a didn’t-really-mean-that recommendation. We were winding down one evening, shortly after getting our then-infant daughter to sleep, and I wondered aloud – as I often do – how could I better savor these memories? My scrapbooking skills are nonexistent, and my photos pile up in shoeboxes and cameras. So, how am I to document each milestone? Each memory?



Nathan casually suggested, “Just start a blog.” And then…we laughed. Oh, how we laughed. With my embarassingly rudimentary computer skills, my cringe-worthy writing ability, and a complete lack of focus/organization/persistence, it was a pretty good joke. And yet, a year or so later, I find myself spending all too many minutes figuring out how to post my first entry onto a B-L-O-G.

My true intention with this site is to share an obnoxious quantity of baby pics and updates and random musings without the self-consciousness of filling someone’s Facebook or Instagram feed. If you’re reading this, after all, you have even a minute desire to know what’s going on in my family/life/brain. Right? Or maybe you want something to pull up later to show your friends and say, “See, I TOLD you she was weird.” Until next time…


One comment on “Let’s see how this goes…

  1. Sue Reed says:

    I will certainly be following-love your take on life!

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